Fiction Review: Lainn's Destiny

Lainn’s Destiny
By Toby Heathcotte
Ebook $5.99, ISBN 0932866426
Triskelion Publishing, Oct 2004
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Reviewed by Kathleen Cunningham Guler

Lainn’s Destiny is the second book in the Alma Chronicle Series and tells the story of Lainn MacPhearson, who dedicates his life to the ideal of freedom. Picking up where the first book, Alison’s Legacy, leaves off, Lainn and his Scottish mother, Alison, both Jacobite sympathizers, flee to the American colonies in 1746 to avoid English persecution.

As a young child in England, Lainn had learned that a great destiny awaits him. Once in America, he finds inspiration in a Scottish warrior who survived the slaughter at Culloden then helped slaves and others escape persecution in the colonies. Desiring to embrace similar noble deeds, Lainn searches for an occupation that will lead him to his destiny. He becomes a printer’s apprentice, a soldier, a doctor, even a writer. But as he is saddled with a spiteful, alcoholic wife and witnesses the unending injustices of hatred, prejudice, and greed, he begins to question whether he will ever realize this goal.

As in the first book of this series, the issue of reincarnation binds the characters together. In the course of his search for his true purpose, Lainn comes to realize his destiny lies not only in the current life he is living, but also in the interconnected past and future, and through the loved ones and enemies to whom he is bound. Toby Heathcotte’s strong, well-crafted characters transcend a mere tale of the hardships of colonial life — they define the American quest for freedom from oppression that people of Celtic descent have experienced in their homelands for centuries only too well.

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