Fiction Review: The Princes of Ireland: The Dublin Saga

The Princes of Ireland: The Dublin Saga

By Edward Rutherfurd
Doubleday, Mar 2004, $27.95, 776 pp.ISBN: 0385502869
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Reviewed by Harriet Klausner

The first of two tomes to cover the history of Ireland especially in Dublin, THE PRINCES OF IRELAND is a deep look at life in Eire from about A.D. 430 until the early sixteenth century, just on the verge of the Renaissance. The book actually contains a series of anecdotal stories starting in pre-Christian Ireland in the fifth century when a heartbreaking romance occurred between a maiden and a Celtic warrior. Two decades later St. Patrick arrives brining with him Christianity. Five years after the St. Patrick “invasion”, the Vikings sail to the Emerald Isle. Other major events and some not so significant in Irish history are told until 1537.

As he did with LONDON (two millennium in the history of that city, Edward Rutherfurd provides the same treatment to Ireland except this time there will be two volumes with the first book covering eleven hundred years of history. Mr. Rutherfurd uses historical events to bring to life major periods in Dublin, but in each case the narrative serves as a means to enhance the deep look at a particular era. The time and place come first so that this tome is targeted more for extreme history lovers who want the facts, but those who do will receive a first rate treatment.

Harriet Klausner was born in the Bronx where she obtained a Masters in Library Science. While working in bookstores and with the library, her book reviewing career began to take shape. She takes immense pleasure informing other readers about newcomers or unknown authors who have written superb novels.

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